We Integrate, Manage, and Secure Data

Innovative products that access data and make decisions quickly

EXtensible Collaboration and Analytics Platform™ (X-CAP™)

Purpose-built for multi-source environments, X-CAP’s scalable data ingest pushes out critical data quickly with horizontal-system reliance to ensure no single point of failure

Product Directed Decision Semantics™ (PDDS™)

PDDS collects operational information and data, regardless of location to ensure a holistic strategic overview – leading to more accurate tactical decision making


Solutions Developed for the DoD

The following solutions provide secure real-time analytics

MW/R is a cloud-based data management platform enabling speed to decision for the warfighter.

Coupling tactical elements with national information systems, command and control and operational intelligence,  MW/R  is a multi-source mission data distribution node.

MW/R breaks down data silos and transforms  it into universally accessible, actionable information.

Providing net-centric capabilities on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), IMPaCT supports the overarching MINOTAUR Family of Services (MFoS) program increasing speed to decision.

ICAP ingests, normalizes, and correlates data from platforms, systems, and other data services/sources in a net-centric environment.  ICAP provides increased interoperability, extensibility, scalability, and security supporting data distributed environments.

SAVA supports the identification, assessment, integration and test of Information Operations, Data Management and Processing, and Knowledge Management technologies.