About PMAT

We understand the power data brings to solving complex problems. PMAT’s innovative solutions help clients eliminate data silos using agile orchestration methods to provide comprehensive analytics for real-world situations.

What PMAT Does

We use DevSecOps to create your competitive advantage rapidly

We're well-versed in cloud technologies supporting speed-to-market solutions

We create innovative mining techniques for big data sources

We select Agile Orchestrators to join our team


Programs Management Analytics & Technologies (PMAT), Inc., is a Small Business (SB) that was established in 2007. Our headquarters are located in Norfolk, VA with offices in San Diego, CA, Annapolis Junction, MD, and Denver, Colorado. We provide assured, enterprise, agile, and robust cloud-hosted analytic solutions that accelerate decision-making and enhance mission effectiveness.

PMAT’s Agile Orchestrators SM specialize in advanced data processing algorithms and data science; software engineering, cybersecurity, systems hardening, and DevSecOps. Our  methods are anchored in our Capability Maturity Model Integration for Development Level 3 (CMMI-DEV3) processes, using DevSecOps methodologies to provide continuous deployment. Our service offerings include system and software development, documentation, deployment, and sustainment for networks and solutions spanning multiple security enclaves. Our robust physical and virtualized development environments allow PMAT to emulate any target environment and use the hybrid cloud model with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to scale horizontally and vertically, as needed.

PMAT Core Values

We proudly lead with our high IQS*

Our highly-skilled and talented Agile Orchestrators embody these qualities and incorporate them in their work.


We believe that doing the right thing is just as important as doing things right. We understand that trust is the foundation of any good relationship and that integrity precedes trust. Integrity is our first core value, our primary building block, and the basis for all we do.


We are incredibly proud of the talented individuals that comprise the PMAT team. We hire the best the industry has to offer. We strive to achieve optimal outcomes, products, and solutions in the most cost-effective manner possible. We embrace diversity, providing unique perspectives for every endeavor and facilitating unsurpassed quality solutions. Continuous quality improvement is our goal.


We believe that what we do is a privilege and that our service makes a difference. We contribute to a greater goal by serving an industry that is dynamic, enterprising, and innovative. We work toward long-term relationships, strengthened by personal interaction and mutual goals. We take responsibility for our actions and we seek opportunities for improvement. Courtesy and respect are always extended. We believe our successful performance history is unparalleled and our greatest asset.

The core values of Integrity, Quality, and Service distinguish PMAT and its employees from the competition.