PMAT will develop innovative mining techniques for big data sources to improve Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) for NAVAIR Systems

Norfolk, VA–July 31,2020–PMATa leading SaaS company providing Big Data Analytics, Situational Awareness, and Tactical Decision Aid technology solutions to today’s most critical DoD elementsannounced today it received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I award from the US Navy. As one of three companies chosen, PMAT will have six months to deliver to the NAVAIR Systems Command an innovative big data mining solution for gauging Tactical Relevance to improve Maritime Situational Awareness. Using Agile Orchestration methods to build on their proven Extensible Collaboration and Analytics Platform (X-CAP™), PMAT will help operators and commanders discover and predict threats while rapidly devising Courses of Action (COA) to avoid or neutralize them.

“The volume, velocity, and variety of data collected by Navy sensor systems has skyrocketed in the last ten years and shows no signs of slowing down; it’s just too much for a human being to process especially when time is of the essence” said Jim Tootell, PMAT Chief SW Architect. “PMAT created X-CAP specifically to deal with these kinds of data challenges and it’s already used in several fielded systems which makes us well-positioned to create easily integrated tools that aggregate, analyze, and extract data for the rapid decision-making NAVAIR requires.”

Littoral operating zones, especially Sea Lanes of Communication, are notoriously information-dense and historically have witnessed severe consequences from missing or misunderstanding events and event patterns in vessel traffic. That’s why monitoring those areas is essential for homeland defense and for Force Protection in our waters and abroad.

“With a successful track-record creating fully integrated, cloud-based platforms, our data scientists and software engineers are well-positioned to create solutions to automate the aggregation and curation of knowledge from big data sources for MSA applications,” continued Tootell. “Our established DevSecOps practice allows us to build automated solutions quickly and deliver them to the fleet the operators who monitor and maintain the Recognized Maritime Pictures (RMP) and manage MSA information needs.”

Tailored applications are needed to do the “heavy lifting” aspects of data management and analysis. This gives operators and commanders more time to develop time-critical recommendations using relevant threads of information collected from various sources, e.g., imagery, acoustics, environmental and sensor systems, signals intelligence, and Patterns of Life. The innovation that PMAT brings to this SBIR effort involves using a layered approach to applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) algorithms that will mine, retrieve, and use information to identify aberrant and anomalous behaviors that impact Tactical Relevance and improves MSA for informed decision-making by customers like NAVAIR, NIWC LANT/NIWC PAC, NAVWAR.

About PMAT

PMAT is a leading SaaS company using DevSecOps to solve complicated business (tactical) challenges while breaking down national defense data silos. The Company’s X-CAP™ cloud-based data visualization platform enables speed to decision for the warfighter, by allowing collaboration between operational, intelligence and tactical teams. Established in 2007, PMAT has provided clients with a new level of efficiencies using quality data in networks, software services, and platform services for a wide variety of clients from various sectors, including the Office of Naval Research (ONR), Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft Program Office (PMA 290E), Navy Digital Warfare Office (DWO) / Digital Integration Support Cell (DISC), Military Sealift Command, Naval Sea Systems Command, DHS, U.S. Coast Guard, Alion, Lockheed Martin and more. For more information, please visit

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