Software QA/Test Engineer

DESIRED PERSONNEL EXPERIENCE: Software Quality/Acceptance Testing

Personal Requirements:

Security Clearance: TS/SCI eligible
Education: BS in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering. Add 5 years’ experience without degree.

Place of Performance: San Diego, CA

Personnel should have substantial documented experience in the following:

2 years’ experience Developing test automation using test automation tools (Test Complete, RobotFramework, Selenium, Sikuli), Writing software trouble reports (STR) and experience using a defect tracking tool. With Agile development lifecycles, to include SCRUM and Kanban. developing, organizing and composing multi-faceted software test plans (STP) for complex systems. With DoD tactical data processor and National Tactical Means (NTM) (IBS, NTSS, etc.) receiver formats.
10 years’ experience or combination of a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with 5 years’ experience As a software tester for one or more DoD programs
Certifications IAT 1 to include Linux/Unix OS, and one of CISSP or Security +.

Desired Competencies:

  1. Update and modify Software Master Test Plan to meet project requirements. The test plan will detail the test methodology for conducting Verification and Validation (V&V) testing.
  2. Develop requirements analysis and test criteria that satisfies the Acceptance Criteria associated with each User Story.
  3. Define and develop iterative test plans appropriate for the work to be performed for each Capability Drop (CD). The contractor will document this approach in a Software Test Plan (STP) and Software Test Description (STD).
  4. Perform CD Testing. 
  5. Develop test procedures and test cases that meet Acceptance Criteria defined for each User Story.  (These test procedures and test cases will be used to test incremental releases of Distributed Common Ground System – Navy Increment 2 (DCGS-N Inc 2), related developmental projects and application specific software. Test results will be annotated and delivered to the Government for review.) 
  6. Develop test automation methods using existing test automation tools (RobotFramework/Selenium/Sikuli). 
  7. Model and simulate test data to ensure that system performance, reliability standards, and acceptance criteria are met and verified.
  8. Perform continuous test in unclassified, GENSER and TS/SCI environments for new features. (Requires incidental TS/SCI to access classified data).
  9. Report the test configuration and status of all problem reports, enhancements, and recommendations for each developed software version based on Software Trouble Report (STR) and Software Change Proposal (SCP) forms.
  10. Participate in meetings, working groups, and technical discussions including professional seminars and conferences associated with the work performed in this project.
  11. Develop briefing materials.

Looking for experience in one or more of the following:

  • Postman
  • JUnit
  • Karma
  • JMeter
  • Selenium
  • Cucumber