Core Technologies

APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Today’s environment drives customers to reduce costs for software development and program lifecycle support. By applying agile, virtual machines - cloud computing and leading-edge technologies and processes - we can enhance and modernize legacy applications as well as develop applications and systems cost effectively, while meeting standards and requirements. Our software and systems engineering team employ best practices and tool sets, ensuring each stage of development, from requirements through product delivery are documented, tracked and configuration-managed. Our open source policy and best-of-breed processes guarantee the right technologies based on customer and solution needs. We apply our Agile mature development processes that have been appraised at CMMI Level 3 that ensures quality capable solutions to your business process and operational requirements.

CAPABILITIES: • Software Development and Integration • DevOps and Agile Development • Virtual Desktop Applications • Mobility • Geospatial Information System (GIS) Solutions

CERTIFICATIONS & ASSESSMENTS: • Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) • Scrum Masters • Java • Project Management Professional (PMP) • Cloudera • Appraised CMMI Level 3 (Software Development) • FISMA   DATA MANAGEMENT AND ANALYTICS Data quantity, quality, management and knowing who to create information from it is vital. Our systems create enormous volumes of data, which when collected and analyzed in meaningful ways can facilitate actionable insights and drive mission-critical decisions. Faced with the challenge of managing complex structured and unstructured data sets, organizations struggle to create value from data and turn it into opportunities. Through the combination of mission knowledge and the application of advanced analytics, PMAT enables users to identify, capture, store, process, access and manage data across the entire enterprise. Our capabilities span numerous customer sets and utilize commodity hardware and open source technology to provide cost-effective solutions. Applying both a vendor agnostic approach and relationships with leading equipment manufacturers, we ensure the right solution to support customer’s current and future needs.

CAPABILITIES: • Big Data/Cloud • Amazon Web Services (AWS) • ICITE • Analytics • Algorithms employed to perform sophisticated data mining • Open Data Utilization • Use of SOA and XML to significantly improve interfaces with new external data sources • Data Warehousing • Complex data processing and storage solutions, employing distributive warehousing techniques


PMAT builds software in close collaboration with our customers in manageable iterative parts (sprints), giving our customers ownership of their product throughout the development lifecycle, resulting in products that performs to meet today’s need. Listed below are the core tools/technologies used by our team to execute those requirements:

Patterns: J2SE/JEE, N-Tier Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Event-Driven Architecture (EDA), SOAP/REST Web Services, Enterprise Service Buses, Cloud Storage, Cloud Analytics, Lambda Architecture, Complex Event Processing, Enterprise Virtualization, PKI Modeling: UML, DoDAF, RDF, OWL-S Languages: Java (JEE, J2SE), HTML/XHTML, JavaScript/ECMAScript, SQL (ANSI-89, T-SQL, Pl/SQL), C/C++, Scala Platforms: JBoss, Cloudera, Storm, Kafka, Rya, Ozone Widget Framework (OWF), Commercial Joint Mapping Toolkit (CJMTK) / Esri, GeoServer, AWS Transport: XML, JSON, GRIB, USMTF, OTH-G, CMF-B/X, Tab-37 Operating Systems: Win7/8/10 Desktop, Win2003/2008 Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu Application Servers: JBoss EAP, Apache Tomcat, Node.js, Oracle WebLogic, OpenESB, JBossESB, Mule ESB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle RDBMS, Accumulo, Cassandra, Qpid, HornetMQ Dev/Build/Test Tools: Eclipse IDE, NetBeans, JUnit, EasyMock, Ant, Maven, Nexus, Jenkins, Subversion, Git, SoapUI, Wireshark Supporting Technologies: XSD, XSLT, SOAP, WSDL/WADL, XMLBeans, JAX-RPC,UDDI, JSP, Java Servlets, Java Networking APIs, LDAP, BPEL, Java Persistence Architecture (JPA), Google Earth, NASA WorldWind, OpenLayers, ESRI, CJ2K,Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP), MapReduce, AngularJS, Bootstrap, SSL/TLS   CYBER SECURITY • Policy Development and Security Compliance • Active Threat Reconnaissance • Incident Response • Forensics • Response and Remediation • Security Training • Data Loss Prevention • Mobile Device Security Solutions • Cloud Security Solutions • End Point Security Solutions • Identity and Access Management • Network and Security Audits • Secure Network Architecture INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE ~ Situational Awareness

Responding to critical, real-world, emerging threats requires timely, relevant intelligence, awareness of the tactical environment and the ability to execute globally. PMAT develops solutions for tactical, operational and strategic operating environments for the DoD, law enforcement, Intelligence Community and other government agencies.Through our domain expertise and mission understanding, we develop application solutions that analyze and exploit information that ensures delivery of timely, relevant intelligence, ensuring analysts and operators have the right information to act confidently in high-stake environments.Providing the Operations and Intelligence Communities one of the most widely used Command, Control, Communication, and Intelligence (C4I) information systems, our work is a vital link in the supply of U.S. intelligence to coalition forces supporting mission-critical efforts. Through the integration, correlation and rapid dissemination of data based on consumer demands, PMAT supports operational efforts in sharing intelligence and information with a wide variety of Coalition partners that directly benefit from our decades of unique work experience. Our agile and responsive services fully support the critical nature of our customer’s missions.

CAPABILITIES: • Intelligence • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance • Operations Support • Coalitions Support   Professional and Technical Services

We understand the challenges our customers face and what's needed to achieve mission and enterprise success. Our solutions help our customers achieve their goals, minimize risk and ensure readiness. From the desktop to enterprise and mission operations worldwide, we provide a comprehensive range of professional and technical services to meet critical planning, staffing, management, technology and operational needs. Whether you require single tasks or end-to-end solutions, we support the lifecycle of a program, system or mission.

Capabilities: • Advisory, Assistance and Management Services • Strategy and Planning • IT and Network Support • Information Assurance • Training Solutions • Modeling and Simulation • Wargaming • Foreign Military Sales and Support