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We believe that doing the right thing is just as important as doing things right. We have a clear understanding that trust is the foundation of any good relationship and that integrity precedes trust. Integrity is our first core value and our primary building block. We seek character above skill set in our employees. It is the basis for all we do. Our staff is empowered by having the knowledge and confidence that doing what’s right supports their decisions.


We are, indeed, proud of the talents that comprise the PMAT team. We believe we hire the best the industry has to offer. We strive to achieve optimal outcomes, products and solutions in the most cost-effective manner possible. We embrace a multicultural staff that bring experience from varied government, military and community sectors. This diversity allows us to share talents that provide a unique perspective for every endeavor. We believe this results in quality that is unsurpassed in the industry. Continuous quality improvement is our goal.


At PMAT we believe what we do is a privilege and in our service we make a difference. We believe we contribute to a greater goal by being allowed to serve in an industry that is dynamic, enterprising and innovative. We work toward long-term relationships strengthened by personal interaction and mutual goals. We take responsibility for our actions and we readily seek opportunities for improvement. We believe our successful performance history is unparalleled and serves as our greatest asset. Courtesy and respect are requirements that are extended internally and externally at all times.

About Us

Innovative Solutions- Vision to Reality

Programs Management Analytics and Technologies (PMAT) is a woman owned small business that takes pride in our approach to modern corporate culture. We encourage an atmosphere to foster productivity through open communication, coaching and collaboration. We emphasize the importance of employee development and performance enhancement; 35% of our employees hold advanced degrees and 85% hold scientific degrees. We encourage development through both continuing education and industry conferences. This cross-collaboration work environment, along with our competitive pay and benefits, has cultivated an employee roster with a retention rate above industry averages. PMAT is a leading provider of Solutions & Consulting, focused on Programs Management, Software Development, Big Data Analytics, Networks Engineering and Systems Integration. PMAT provides both technical services and solutions.